When I say ten you all gonna fall into deep sleep
All you have to do is hear my voice and trust me
One soilder is walking through desert
Another two are after him to give him a black hood
Less than three bullets released to feel free
More than four kids have no dad and what for
Fuck all who pull the trigger and make 
Every other war just bigger than though 
What more you want as proof to see
Five six seven eight nine ten you sleep
Forget about words hate, war and enemy
And when you wake up 
You gotta smell the hate we breathe 
The blood we boil in war anxiety
Let pussies suck up, fight for your rights 
For better tomorrow, fight for love otherwise 
Earth will be just hollow ball, so tell me what for 
You have to see there’s no way to going on
I’ve got a feeling 
That we’re hypnotized to not see where we are living in
This place is amazing 
We're living in what we chose 
We pay for fear to not feel safe 
Not even at home

I've been also blind or let's say hypnotized
I was afraid to die every single moment of my life
Afraid to realize that the fear is in my mind only
I believed that government is here to hold me when I fall
Bullshit, government is pimp and I've been it's whore
Who fucked for free and what more
We pay for fear we created
But now it's your last chance to change it 
So suck it up we'll make it

Start with yourself and then we're gonna make it
Trust, have faith, don't let anybody shake it
If you just complain it's gonna be just same shit
We can't let this happen let's change it (2x)

Ten, you gonna fight till we die
Nine, then we gonna be just fine
Eight, no pain, no chains, no hate
Seven, you must forget official report of 9/11
Six, we gonna rise and together fight these dicks
Five, we gonna work together to get this fixed
Four, no more of being slave or cheap whore
Three two one, now you're awake and ready to overtake
Now you're the one who scores
Now you're the one who will hunt
Now you're the one who warns these cunts up there
Just run Forest run

1/ Collateral Damage [4:02]zobrazit text
2/ Fake [3:45] zobrazit text
3/ Easy [3:50]zobrazit text
4/ War For Peace [4:09]zobrazit text
5/ Judgement Day [4:11]zobrazit text
6/ Mate [3:48]zobrazit text
7/ Mistake Of Evolution [3:17]zobrazit text
8/ Hypnosis [3:45]
9/ Signature vol.2 [4:03]zobrazit text

CD "Collateral Damage" natočeno ve studiu Šopa, Lipov, srpen 2015. Mix a mastering – Standa Valášek. Produkce – Standa Valášek & overhype.

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