The planet is sick
You smile at someone in town and you get kick
Cuz love is forbiden
Nobody talks no one is open for
That‘s what I call here our third world war
We hate the God cuz of what he made
We came from monkey to human, from human to slave
That’s main reason why we cannot behave 
Madness blinded our mind but I believe it’s still time to change
So chill man why to be mad
We have to relax it’s time to finally get
That we should have red eyes 
And be happy for life we have

Oh no, I don't wanna be your mate
I won’t, I won’t play games that you create
Oh no, I don't wanna be your mate
I see through you when you just look at me
So don't look at me

For thousand years people fight for nothing
We’re animals, canibals cuz of religion or race
We’re hard cases behave like whores more than ever before 
And faith changed for blood which fluids in wars
Kids die of hunger tell me what for 
And we still wonder, we should stick together 
And support each other instead of kill each other
Which leads feeding these wannabe god‘s sons motherfuckes
So man if you’re still mad
You should take breath and finally get
That first we have to be mad at who deserves
That’s why I said

I’m givin‘ you love so why you’re givin‘ me hate
Just stop being false and show me your real face
I’ve tried many ways, bloody fights and complains
And I’ll tell you something man none of these brings me my faith
Here’s the chance to start to behave
So stop being whore then we’ll be ok
Just say sorry for bad shit you have made
Don‘t be afraid man, I used to be exactly the same

1/ Collateral Damage [4:02]zobrazit text
2/ Fake [3:45] zobrazit text
3/ Easy [3:50]zobrazit text
4/ War For Peace [4:09]zobrazit text
5/ Judgement Day [4:11]zobrazit text
6/ Mate [3:48]
7/ Mistake Of Evolution [3:17]zobrazit text
8/ Hypnosis [3:45]zobrazit text
9/ Signature vol.2 [4:03]zobrazit text

CD "Collateral Damage" natočeno ve studiu Šopa, Lipov, srpen 2015. Mix a mastering – Standa Valášek. Produkce – Standa Valášek & overhype.

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