You’ve burned their souls
You’ve changed that beat
Of heart which jumps like on K 
Remains your face instead of just fall asleep
You’ve created chains which never let them leave 
This cage holding them far away from attain their own dreams
They all died, they’re still not free
So half alive walking around the sceen 
Hunting you with knife in sleeve
You didn’t let them choose
So I won't let you choose your way 
How to feel the pain 
My name is justice bitch and here's your judgement day

Today cursed your soul
I’m standing on this empty meadow diggin‘ holes 
For freaks like you
Today lost control
I’m fighting here against dark shadows all alone
Fuck they have to give up cuz I won‘t

I’m out of control
This is your judgement day
Me in your brain givin' you pain 
And spit disgrace to your bitchface (2x)

Today I change my rules
Four agreement book I hide to case in my desk
To not feel the pressure on my chest 
And to forget my conscience 
Till I catch and conquest you
I’ll be your nightmare ghost
I’ll be your poltergeister
I’ll hunt you ass down till the end of your life 
And much longer if there’s something after

This is my destiny, this is my world
First you do mess than I come and I clean that dirt
I’ll make you feel the worst 
I’ll make you see those girls in your dreams
I’ll make you burst
You wanna pray all I give you is judgement day
You can call it conscience it’s all in vain
You can’t change you have to face your mistakes
I'm gonna spit disgrace to your bitchface

No you have nowhere to go, nowhere to run
Also no place to hide 
I guess for you would be much better to commit sucide
You have nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
I got you bitch I got you now

Nowhere to go
Nowhere to hide (3x)

1/ Collateral Damage [4:02]zobrazit text
2/ Fake [3:45] zobrazit text
3/ Easy [3:50]zobrazit text
4/ War For Peace [4:09]zobrazit text
5/ Judgement Day [4:11]
6/ Mate [3:48]zobrazit text
7/ Mistake Of Evolution [3:17]zobrazit text
8/ Hypnosis [3:45]zobrazit text
9/ Signature vol.2 [4:03]zobrazit text

CD "Collateral Damage" natočeno ve studiu Šopa, Lipov, srpen 2015. Mix a mastering – Standa Valášek. Produkce – Standa Valášek & overhype.

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