Have you ever realized how happy you are
Under feet stance ground and up the blue sky
People stoped to see the beauty of nature 
And I guess it's mostly problem of our new generation
Guys look more like girls, girls look more like sluts
Everyone's watching how their parents don't give a fuck
What? That's something what I haven‘t got 
In my whole life, believe or not 
I was more under hand of spartan dad
Who couldn't understand that I wanna be free, he disagreed
He fucked me off with everything I need
Heat in my head was like hell indeed
I succeed - he sees 
Greedy is not the was how to be
Weed - another episode in my life 
Which made me who I am and destroyed who I could be
But I don't give a damn cuz I'm happy and I take it easy

Cuz it's so easy to breathe in the air 
I feel again like I'm alive
Took time to realize
How to easily believe in myself
I'm only point of my life
You don't have to fall in ordinary line

We are in age of big change
From whole landscape
We got to fullframes shared on book of my face
Crazy, we chased the technology
And now we're chased 
What's worse, we celebrate it
When it happened that brain is on third place
Behind money and fake facelift, crazy
But I dont give a damn
I'm taking my people, we go back
Back to our basics

Cuz it's so easy to breathe in the air
Feel again like I'm alive

1/ Collateral Damage [4:02]zobrazit text
2/ Fake [3:45] zobrazit text
3/ Easy [3:50]
4/ War For Peace [4:09]zobrazit text
5/ Judgement Day [4:11]zobrazit text
6/ Mate [3:48]zobrazit text
7/ Mistake Of Evolution [3:17]zobrazit text
8/ Hypnosis [3:45]zobrazit text
9/ Signature vol.2 [4:03]zobrazit text

CD "Collateral Damage" natočeno ve studiu Šopa, Lipov, srpen 2015. Mix a mastering – Standa Valášek. Produkce – Standa Valášek & overhype.

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