It's crazy how TV will make you to see 
Normal people lookin' as the worst enemy
It's lie just realize
This hate it's just in your mind
No way, we still have time to be ok, to survive
No, I don't wanna go down on my knees
And sell my soul to unknown bitch
I'll rather die in my broken home all alone

Game called New World Order
Should move us forward
I just don't see the progress 
I can see just more homeless 
People on streets, they have nowhere to go
They don't deserve to have a new home 
And why, cuz we heard it on a radio

Have you ever asked yourself should we be here
Till now, it looks like we're just mistake of evolution
Have you ever realized we shouldn't be here now

It's crazy how we believe in what we read 
And when it's written Holy on it then we just agree
They came to us, we call them gods
Why? Cuz they came from skies
This was first time we got afraid 
Of their hate so we sacrifised
This became a way how to be motivated
To believe in God who created
This all around in seven days
Bullshit but just keep your faith
No surprise that you've dedicated 
Whole your life to all what's stated 
In holy bible, even when it's faded
By the time we became rapists
We became murderers, we became racists
In a name of God, I fuckin‘ hate this
God is the devil and you just can't fucking take it

In a name of god be poor in pockets and rich by soul
In a name of god don't kill this shit is more then just known
In a name of god how the fuck we can just destroy homes
Of other men just cuz they believe in something else than you want

1/ Collateral Damage [4:02]zobrazit text
2/ Fake [3:45] zobrazit text
3/ Easy [3:50]zobrazit text
4/ War For Peace [4:09]zobrazit text
5/ Judgement Day [4:11]zobrazit text
6/ Mate [3:48]zobrazit text
7/ Mistake Of Evolution [3:17]
8/ Hypnosis [3:45]zobrazit text
9/ Signature vol.2 [4:03]zobrazit text

CD "Collateral Damage" natočeno ve studiu Šopa, Lipov, srpen 2015. Mix a mastering – Standa Valášek. Produkce – Standa Valášek & overhype.

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